Pretty In Beige

I have never thought of myself as a beige person, you know that person that is scared of color they have all of their furniture in beige. But when Chris and I moved into this house the it seems I go for the neutral colors with bursts of bright colors. I am obsessed with teal and red color combination at the moment, I just happen to have things that will coordinate with that color combo in my living room, we have a little bit of an eclectic feel going on which I LOVE. Tell me what you think!

Beige Curtains- $12.50 ea SET...gotta cut down the rod too lol

Free buffet turned couch table from Mama and the Captain

Most of the items in the living room was bought second hand or given to us. There are of course exceptions(like my laptop and that fabulous clock).

P.S. A lot of people ask me why I refer to my step dad as the Captain. Its not because he is a Captain of a ship or anything but his remarkable resemblance to Patrick Stewart. When I realized this I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation---go ahead and call me a nerd I dont care lol. So from that day forward he has been known as the Captain...
Capt. Jean luc Picard of the starship Enterprise
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