Goodwill and Cook Out go hand in hand

I ventured to my first ever Goodwill Outlet this weekend. It was an experience. I was cranky because I was hungry and there were kids left unattended. The workers had yell at the parents to get them to watch them. Other than that it was pretty cool and if I had more time and patience I would definitely do it again.

This is an example of a Goodwill Outlet--I didn't think to take pictures...blame it on the crankiness. In the photo above there is plenty of space between the isles...not at the one I went to. The isles were barely big enough for the bins to roll out and combine that with kids running around wild...you can imagine.  My sister and I stuck together for the most part and left mom to herself. I found my sister(seester) some great things, digging in the bins. I would have loved to dig some more but this group of people(the same ones left their kids running wild) had large sections blocked off so you couldn't look. I did manage to score a beautiful leather handbag which needs to be cleaned up a little bit. When we finally made it to the checkout our items were weighed--$1.39/lb, we only spent $10 on two bags full of stuff...w00t! :) After we left we went to a Cookout. I love that place! It seems we always go there after a Goodwill trip...its become a tradition---their milkshakes are to die for! :)

We also stopped at my favorite Goodwill in Shelby--they were having a 25% off sale...I ended up getting a tiger stripe blanket to tie in the blacks and tans in my living room...Chris says its tacky...I say its deliciously tacky(just like hooters).

Earlier in the weekend I stopped over at Uniquely Diferent here in town and grabbed up 3 DVDs for $3 ea, a pair of pants for my younger niece and got the oldest a Old Navy puffy vest and Old Navy 3/4 sleeve length shirt for all of $5.50.

Today is my younger niece's birthday...So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET BABY! : ) Auntie and Uncle love you!! :) <3

PST-Photos from here and here


  1. Hey Jess! Where is the Goodwill Outlet you went to? ~Serene

  2. im curious as well. sounds like a place i need to shop.

  3. Its on Freedom Dr in Charlotte...you need rubber gloves and patience lol