Doing it up New Dress A Day style

Chris and I went to Goodwill today(big surprise there) and I picked up a polka dot shift dress. I almost put it back but decided that I needed to have it. When I got home I noticed it was  petite. I am sooo not a petite. I put it on and it did not flatter my figure at ALL

So I took out the sides and the hem and cut a new V neck and stitched it up. I am going to wear opaque black tights instead of the lace tights tomorrow for work I think they will work better.

I like the second version WAYYY better. It is still a tad too tight so I need to need to loose a little bit of weight lol.

I've been meaning to write a blog about my "new" boots I picked up at the local Salvation Army. I got a pair of black flat leather boots(which are in the before pic) and a pair of brown flat leather boots(which are pictured below).

Purple tights = <3


  1. OMG! That is so fabulous!!! Don't you just love the whole creative process? I think you may be my twin and we were separated before birth and you stayed in vitro about 20 years longer than I did! LOL I HAVE to get over to the Salvation Army....that's one I haven't checked out. ~Serene

  2. HAHA Serene you are so silly! :) I love Salvation Army I found an Old Navy dress there too! :) Although it is small now. I love both pairs of boots...they were only $3 ea!!!