Clovers are pretty special to me.Chris always picks me 4 leaf clovers instead of flowers which I love.  When Chris found one the size of my palm behind our house I just knew I had to dry one out to frame and hang on our gallery wall for us to remember our first house by. Right now it is pressed between a large book, another book on top AND our HEAVY old rotary phone. I will update as soon as it has dried! :)

The first one he found


Great News

Chris and I received some great news last week. I didn't want to say anything until we found out for sure but...WE"RE MOVING! We love our little house but we were made an offer we couldn't refuse(Im saying this in the Godfather voice). Like I said in my last post Chris' grandmother passed, her house was already paid off, they wanted family to move in the house to keep it up. It's a 3 bedroom ranch style house. We wont be moving for a few months because the bathroom is going to be remodeled, cleaned out, carpets cleaned and we're going to paint. We are excited and a little sad to be moving out of our first house so soon. I can honestly say that this has been my favorite place to live...except for the neighbors...I can do with out them....HAHA. I can't wait to show before and after pics. :)



So I know I said a few months ago I wouldn't buy any "new" clothing but Chris' grandmother died and I was in a pinch so I bought a new dress. I call it an investment, it helps me sleep at night. I figure I can wear it to funerals and weddings which are about the same thing...right? HAHA..I amuse myself. I really wish I would have gotten a great picture of Chris and I dressed up but I didn't. I broke down and went to Belk...scoured the sales rack and came across the beautiful dress...it was originally $127...hahaha they are outta their mind..it was marked half price...THEN an ADDITIONAL 50% off...so thats right I got the dress for a whopping $32!  Score one for me!

This is where I would post a photo but Blogger is being updated. Its a retro cut, sleeveless, white with large black flowers and the most precious sash. Will post photos later! :)