Doing it up New Dress A Day style

Chris and I went to Goodwill today(big surprise there) and I picked up a polka dot shift dress. I almost put it back but decided that I needed to have it. When I got home I noticed it was  petite. I am sooo not a petite. I put it on and it did not flatter my figure at ALL

So I took out the sides and the hem and cut a new V neck and stitched it up. I am going to wear opaque black tights instead of the lace tights tomorrow for work I think they will work better.

I like the second version WAYYY better. It is still a tad too tight so I need to need to loose a little bit of weight lol.

I've been meaning to write a blog about my "new" boots I picked up at the local Salvation Army. I got a pair of black flat leather boots(which are in the before pic) and a pair of brown flat leather boots(which are pictured below).

Purple tights = <3


Baked Potato Soup

Since it has gotten cold I have been craving some baked potato soup. The other day I made some from this recipe from allrecipes.com which I can no longer pull up.

I baked about 5 potatoes. Then in a dutch oven I melted 2/3 cups of  butter then stirred in 2/3 cups all purpose flour until smooth. Then add 7 cups of milk slowly. Stir until it thickens. After it thickens add the potatoes(cubed) and some onions. Bring to boil. Then add 1 cup cheese, 1 cup sour cream and some bacon.
 It says it makes 6 servings but it makes way more than that! Most of the items I had on hand so it wasn't too expensive to make which makes me happy! :)

The New Little Addition To Our Family...

...and it's not a baby! Saturday Chris and I went on a date (*smiles*) to Shelby to get in some thrifting. We went to Goodwill as usual. There he got a brand new Ping polo (He's a golfer btw), and I got two dresses and some material that I had in mind for an art project...(that is coming soon). So on our way back we always pass another thrift store and on the spur of the moment  we turned in. I believe we laid eyes on it at the same time and we both feel in love.

This little guy is going to go in to the game room. We are going to rearrange our furniture in there so it will flow better but we both were really excited we picked him up for $15. 
On a different note I was going to start working on my brooch bouquet but I love wearing my vintage brooches! I think I'm going to keep out a few that I REALLY like and start working on the others. I will post updates on how the progress is going.


Make It Work

I can hear Tim Gunn now..."Make It Work!" I had two skirts yesterday that I had no clue what to do with, I had tried to make a dress out of one but not the other. When Serene suggested it again, I said "What the heck!, I'll make it work" and I did! I am  no fashion blogger I will leave that up to Serene and Vanessa and the countless other fabulous fashionistas style-istas(is that a word? if not it should be!). Here is my take on the skirt dress!

Bad Cell Pic...really need to find my camera

Dress/Skirt: Thirfted at Goodwill.....$3-ish
Cardigan: Walmart.........................$10
Belt: Rose's....................................$6
Tights: Rose's.................................$5
Buckle Boots: Rose's.....................$20

                                           Total: $44


What to do?! Suggestions please!

The other weekend I bought two skirts from  Goodwill and I have no clue what to wear with them. They are both way too long and too big in the waist but that is ok I am having mama take them up and in. I loved both patterns and I am going to wear them at my natural waist and right above my knee. Both are flowy...I just need opinions on what to wear with them! Comment please :)


this is my favorite! :)


Goodnight Nobody

As some of you probably already know I am an avid reader. Most of the time I read ebooks from my laptop[it has a 17 in screen :)] or pick up books from thrift stores. I have been looking for one book for quite a while and could never find it. I finally broke down and begin looking on Amazon to order it. We all know I am cheap and will do my best to get it cheap as possible. I found a copy for $0.01(...woohoo!*insert happy dance*) and $3.99 shipping...not too shabby. I ordered it last week and it finally came yesterday! I had read reviews on it and they weren't good. I was kinda disappointed since it was from one of my favorite authors, I started reading it today and I could not put it down. With in a few hours I was half way through it...I don't know why people thought this novel was so horrible...I am loving it. If you like chick lit(although she in is not chick lit per se) I suggest reading anything by Jennifer Weiner.

 find the pic here

Baked Ravioli and Wii = A Great Night In With Friends

A great night with friends doesn't always mean going out. Chris and I invited two of our friends over for dinner and wii. Being thrifty I needed to be able to make a cheap dinner that would be delicious and filling. I decided to make baked ravioli. I've made it before for Chris and he loves it. He wanted me to make it earlier in the week but I had already planned it for last night. For around $10 this yummy casserole will feed around 6-8 people.

Baked Ravioli 

1 Bag of Frozen Ravioli( I used WM brand)
1 lb Hamburger meat
1 jar of spaghetti sauce(again WM brand)
4 cups mozzarella cheese
Italian Seasoning

Pre-heat oven to 350. Crumble and fry hamburger meat, drain. Add italian seasoning, salt, pepper and spaghetti sauce.( I always taste my sauce and keep adding seasonings until it tastes how I want it to) in (what i think is) a 11x7 dish. Spoon a small amount of sauce on the bottom just to coat. Place frozen ravioli in rows. Add half of sauce and 2 cups of cheese. Repeat. Place in oven for around 30-45 minutes or until cheese is golden brown.

Goodwill and Cook Out go hand in hand

I ventured to my first ever Goodwill Outlet this weekend. It was an experience. I was cranky because I was hungry and there were kids left unattended. The workers had yell at the parents to get them to watch them. Other than that it was pretty cool and if I had more time and patience I would definitely do it again.

This is an example of a Goodwill Outlet--I didn't think to take pictures...blame it on the crankiness. In the photo above there is plenty of space between the isles...not at the one I went to. The isles were barely big enough for the bins to roll out and combine that with kids running around wild...you can imagine.  My sister and I stuck together for the most part and left mom to herself. I found my sister(seester) some great things, digging in the bins. I would have loved to dig some more but this group of people(the same ones left their kids running wild) had large sections blocked off so you couldn't look. I did manage to score a beautiful leather handbag which needs to be cleaned up a little bit. When we finally made it to the checkout our items were weighed--$1.39/lb, we only spent $10 on two bags full of stuff...w00t! :) After we left we went to a Cookout. I love that place! It seems we always go there after a Goodwill trip...its become a tradition---their milkshakes are to die for! :)

We also stopped at my favorite Goodwill in Shelby--they were having a 25% off sale...I ended up getting a tiger stripe blanket to tie in the blacks and tans in my living room...Chris says its tacky...I say its deliciously tacky(just like hooters).

Earlier in the weekend I stopped over at Uniquely Diferent here in town and grabbed up 3 DVDs for $3 ea, a pair of pants for my younger niece and got the oldest a Old Navy puffy vest and Old Navy 3/4 sleeve length shirt for all of $5.50.

Today is my younger niece's birthday...So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEET BABY! : ) Auntie and Uncle love you!! :) <3

PST-Photos from here and here


My Favorite (LOCAL) Hotspots

First I want to get on my soap box so please excuse the following rant. For my local people we all know the economy here sucks. With most people of work and living on a limited income. But yet people still spend tons of money at Wal*Mart(I am not excluded) and go out of town to make large purchases(ie:Cars). When you take money out of our local businesses you are taking money from yourself. Taxes that local merchants pay go to schools, roads and other things in the county. I am not saying go these merchants and spend all of you money because I am ALL about saving hard earned cash. But if we just spent $20 at local merchants instead of going to chains or out of town maybe some new businesses will come in! I am all for the Bricks and Mortars 3/50 program (find out more info here) and instead of going to Shelby to a movie go to the cinema here, it is way better than it was previously and come on people your in the dark...what does it matter what it looks like? LOL the way I like to spend some money and keep it local is to go to various thrift stores or consignment shops here in the county..although I do love some Goodwill, I frequent the local shops more. :)

1.) Uniquely Diferent- Purple/Pink buildling behind BB&T in Spindale.
You can find some great pieces of furniture there, various name brands, cheap DVDs/gaming systems/games and they LAY A WAY. Which is so cool. :)

2.) YokeFellow Ministries- They help support people who cant support themselves.
Some things can be a bit high but I have found some fabulous brooches there and you can always find some unique items.

3. Hospice ReSale- On Oak St...Beside the news paper... :)
I love going there, it is one of my favorite causes and they usually have some great deals on furniture and other knick knacks :). I have a slight obsession with photo frames and they usually carry a wide variety.

4.) Habitat For Humanity- Main St. Forest City
Another great place for furniture and other items such as building supplies. Another great service for our community as well.

5.) Time After Time Consignment- On Thomas St behind Main St in Forest City
She carries name brand clothing and furniture. She also has a selection of jewelry, wedding gowns and formals. She is super friendly.

6.) Twice Upon A Time- Main St Forest City going into Spindale(beside Southern Carpet)
She is a consignment shop that deals with gently used baby items. I of course do not have children but I have three beautiful nieces that I buy for.

7.) Salvation Army- Near the DMV  in Forest City
I find a lot of nifty items in there, it is small though but I usually find some great deals.

8.) J's Salvage- Old Salvation Army Building
I know its not a thrift store but it can help save on groceries! :) Just check the dates. (and it's locally owned)

I also like to go to the flea market on 221...I haven't been in awhile..I need to get my lazy butt up and go! :)


Snow, Entertaintment Centers, Taco Stands and Wii OH MY!

 Saturday Chris and I bought a wii from my sister for $100...w00t! It came with all the accessories and a bunch of games! I did have to go buy another  nunchuk, wheel and a controller for $70  which isn't too bad :). Chris is loving some Mario Kart Wii..I did play with him today and its pretty fun :) but I've been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk...I just need some friends to go visit :).

Sunday night (around 7) Chris and I loaded up the laundry and made our weekly trip to the laundry mat up the road...we think the pipes here are too small for our washer because it spews water every where...the land lady is having it fixed but until then we go to this really nice laundry mat(as nice as you can get) up the road. In the parking lot there is a taco stand. We were starving and we did not want to leave our clothes to go get food so we maned up and went to the taco stand. OMG they are delicious and so simple! We got 4 steak tacos(they gave us 5 tho!...how nice) it came with cilantro, onions, hot sauce and 2 lime quarters. YUMMY. We will be visiting it again! Everything is home made and super cheap.

Later that night we went to mom's to pick up a rug for our dining room and an entertainment center for the game room! :) I am so excited that the house is coming together :) I love having an actual dining room instead of eating at the breakfast table or the couch.
FREE rug :) and dining room table thanks to Mama :)
Don't hate on our old school t.v. it serves its purpose ;)
My mom has given me so much furniture---partly so she can get new stuff haha--I am so thankful that she has helped us out so much...props to you mama :) I love you <3

It started snowing early in the morning on Monday so Chris and I were snowed in together all day yesterday and partly today....I did make it to work today for a few hours and saw my geeky newsie peeps...gotta love them :). While we were snowed in, we had went to Ingles before the snow and he picked up his favorite childhood movie, Short Circuit, I had never seen it so we popped that in. I love movies from the 80's and this one was just as good as my favs(pretty in pink, sixteen candles,breakfast club). It was hilarious! :)

The DC parking lots...I slid a bit coming in.

So that is the finale to our super thrifty weekend...go here to see our other finds from the beginning of the weekend! :)


My little crafty project

In the post before this I mentioned the $10 bookshelf that was missing glass on the doors. Earlier today I was talking to Mom telling her we were going to have the glass replaced and she told me "Why don't you just staple some fabric to the back?" UHHH DUH Jess! Why didn't you think of that?! When we got it in the house I told Chris about it and he gave me the green light to do it(it saved us $$). While we were out tonight he bought me a light duty staple gun with small staples for around $14. So the total we put in to this was only $24, and I could not be happier with the way it turned out!

1.) First thing I did I found some upholstery I had laying around the house courtesy of my Mawmaw and then I laid it out flat.

2.) I laid both doors on the fabric
3.) I cut off excess fabric

4.) I cut out around the door
5.) I turned the door over to the backside and started stapling-starting from the middle at each end to make sure I get it tight
6.) I stapled around the entire door, then cut off the excess
7.) Finished with one door then repeated with the other

8.) All done!

9.) Now I can store towels and other bathroom items right outside the bathroom(since the bathroom is small) and it not be seen :)

Thanks Mama for the fabulous idea! :)

I gots to get my bargain on!

Chris is at it again! He came home yesterday and  with some awesome news, he got us a dining room set for $50. What? What? Table and ALL 4 chairs! To top it off it is solid wood, annnnnnd will fit in our dining room! CA-RAZZZY. We picked it up today and it fits perfect in our tiny dining room but with all the light wood going on it the room I am in desperate need for a rug...which my fabulous mom is giving. I have to go pick it up later today. Today I picked up the 4 red placemats-brand new for $0.99 each...score!

Chris also grabbed a bookshelf for $10. It has doors on the front with missing glass so we are just going to staple some fabric to the sliding doors and store bathroom stuff in it. Storage is the name of the game. We have to get pretty creative with it around here because this house is REALLY old and it lacks storage.
Without the doors on

I'm beginning to think Chris needs to write this blog instead of me!But I did redeem myself, today I snatched up a gorgeous dresser. I had an idea to use it as a rolling island for the kitchen but decided against that and just took out my microwave stand and use it to hold the microwave and the coffee maker to free up precious counter space. I also bought two skirts and Chris an Aeropostale polo.

ahhh more storage! :)


I think I have created monsters

<a href="http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/2234794/confessions-of-a-thrift-store-shopaholi?claim=u6cyswbaaa6">Follow my blog with bloglovin</a>

So the other day Mom, myself and my little sister were driving to Charlotte. It wasn't a joy ride and it wasn't for fun. We were going to see my aunt and at that time we thought we were going to say our goodbyes. My sister is not one for emotion and says to us "On our way home can we stop at a Goodwill?". Just a few months ago we were dragging her along on our trips she would pout and be miserable the entire time we were there. On one trip I found a tons of clothes that would fit her new body( she lost 20 lbs...so proud) so we bought them up and spent like $100 on her a new wardrobe...I guess since then she wants to go see what goodies she can find. Any ways back to the story...where was I? Oh yeah she wanted to go to Goodwill. Mom and I busted out laughing...even though we were in a somber mood that just made me smile...ah the simple things :). We get there and they were prepping my aunt for surgery. Long story short they did a surgery to save her life. We waited around the hospital for a few hours...I was itching to get out of there I hate just sitting. We tried to talk Mom to take us to Goodwill on Freedom Dr but no dice so we did not get to go then but we have a sister date for this weekend to do some thrifting!

My other little monster would be my wonderful finace'. Chris and his buddy went thrifting today(without me...I was working *pout*)....for old gaming systems. His buddy bought a SNES (for all you non-geeks that would be a Super Nintendo Entertainment System) last night and they wanted more games. So they went to what his buddy calls "The Purple Store" the same thrift store Chris and I got our Ethan Allen wardrobe. For the locals its called Uniquely Diferent(their spelling not mine)...its in Spindale behind BB&T...I love that place.They are now looking to get the following systems: Sega Genesis, Playstation, NES(nintendo entertainment system). Chris said something about a PS2 but I called up my sister to see if she still had mine...she did...and I will pick that up when we pick up the Wii we bought from her. Ah memories...my favorite game would have to be Final Fantasy 13 <3


Another DIY Art Project

I am sitting at home alone. Chris is working, mom is doing God knows what, Jill is feeding the girls so I am bored. I still have my box(es) of frames out and I was walking through the kitchen and I spotted my french poster inspired note cards. When Chris bought these for me($1) I had NO clue what to do with them. They have been laying around for months. I must be inspired today because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them tonight...I framed them! :) Who says frames are just for pictures?! ;)

DIY: Art

I was bored today and I have been thinking about doing this in another room with a different frame but decided I needed something else in the living room. I looked around and saw my picture frame for a picture collage that I never filled and then saw some upholstery fabric my mawmaw gave me. DING! I quickly snatched up some scissors and duct tape and got to work. I took out the collage and grabbed the cardboard, cut the fabric to fit. Then I started taping it to the backside of the cardboard keeping it snug. inserted in to frame and presto..instant art! It cost me nothing to do this project but if you don't have this stuff laying around you can check out thrift stores for picture frames(assorted sizes) and  fabric...could be sheets, pillow cases, table cloths, napkins ANYTHING. If you do this let me know how it turned out!

EMAIL ME! thriftshopaholic@yahoo.com

Pretty In Beige

I have never thought of myself as a beige person, you know that person that is scared of color they have all of their furniture in beige. But when Chris and I moved into this house the it seems I go for the neutral colors with bursts of bright colors. I am obsessed with teal and red color combination at the moment, I just happen to have things that will coordinate with that color combo in my living room, we have a little bit of an eclectic feel going on which I LOVE. Tell me what you think!

Beige Curtains- $12.50 ea SET...gotta cut down the rod too lol

Free buffet turned couch table from Mama and the Captain

Most of the items in the living room was bought second hand or given to us. There are of course exceptions(like my laptop and that fabulous clock).

P.S. A lot of people ask me why I refer to my step dad as the Captain. Its not because he is a Captain of a ship or anything but his remarkable resemblance to Patrick Stewart. When I realized this I was watching Star Trek: The Next Generation---go ahead and call me a nerd I dont care lol. So from that day forward he has been known as the Captain...
Capt. Jean luc Picard of the starship Enterprise
pic credit here