Goodnight Nobody

As some of you probably already know I am an avid reader. Most of the time I read ebooks from my laptop[it has a 17 in screen :)] or pick up books from thrift stores. I have been looking for one book for quite a while and could never find it. I finally broke down and begin looking on Amazon to order it. We all know I am cheap and will do my best to get it cheap as possible. I found a copy for $0.01(...woohoo!*insert happy dance*) and $3.99 shipping...not too shabby. I ordered it last week and it finally came yesterday! I had read reviews on it and they weren't good. I was kinda disappointed since it was from one of my favorite authors, I started reading it today and I could not put it down. With in a few hours I was half way through it...I don't know why people thought this novel was so horrible...I am loving it. If you like chick lit(although she in is not chick lit per se) I suggest reading anything by Jennifer Weiner.

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