The New Little Addition To Our Family...

...and it's not a baby! Saturday Chris and I went on a date (*smiles*) to Shelby to get in some thrifting. We went to Goodwill as usual. There he got a brand new Ping polo (He's a golfer btw), and I got two dresses and some material that I had in mind for an art project...(that is coming soon). So on our way back we always pass another thrift store and on the spur of the moment  we turned in. I believe we laid eyes on it at the same time and we both feel in love.

This little guy is going to go in to the game room. We are going to rearrange our furniture in there so it will flow better but we both were really excited we picked him up for $15. 
On a different note I was going to start working on my brooch bouquet but I love wearing my vintage brooches! I think I'm going to keep out a few that I REALLY like and start working on the others. I will post updates on how the progress is going.

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