Baked Potato Soup

Since it has gotten cold I have been craving some baked potato soup. The other day I made some from this recipe from allrecipes.com which I can no longer pull up.

I baked about 5 potatoes. Then in a dutch oven I melted 2/3 cups of  butter then stirred in 2/3 cups all purpose flour until smooth. Then add 7 cups of milk slowly. Stir until it thickens. After it thickens add the potatoes(cubed) and some onions. Bring to boil. Then add 1 cup cheese, 1 cup sour cream and some bacon.
 It says it makes 6 servings but it makes way more than that! Most of the items I had on hand so it wasn't too expensive to make which makes me happy! :)


  1. Now that looks REALLY good! What a cute bowl! ~Serene

  2. Thanks Serene...my aunt gave them to me before she had her surgery...I use them all the time ;)