My little crafty project

In the post before this I mentioned the $10 bookshelf that was missing glass on the doors. Earlier today I was talking to Mom telling her we were going to have the glass replaced and she told me "Why don't you just staple some fabric to the back?" UHHH DUH Jess! Why didn't you think of that?! When we got it in the house I told Chris about it and he gave me the green light to do it(it saved us $$). While we were out tonight he bought me a light duty staple gun with small staples for around $14. So the total we put in to this was only $24, and I could not be happier with the way it turned out!

1.) First thing I did I found some upholstery I had laying around the house courtesy of my Mawmaw and then I laid it out flat.

2.) I laid both doors on the fabric
3.) I cut off excess fabric

4.) I cut out around the door
5.) I turned the door over to the backside and started stapling-starting from the middle at each end to make sure I get it tight
6.) I stapled around the entire door, then cut off the excess
7.) Finished with one door then repeated with the other

8.) All done!

9.) Now I can store towels and other bathroom items right outside the bathroom(since the bathroom is small) and it not be seen :)

Thanks Mama for the fabulous idea! :)


  1. Jess, looks very nice. That staple gun is a very nice thing to have!!
    Looking forward to the next project!! Hugs, Ma

  2. I LOVE THIS! I've not gotten much furniture while thrifting....but now you've got me on the lookout. This is sooooooo elegant! ~Serene