The other day I was making cookies but really no place to put them...I really want a cake stand but I have to make do with what I have. I took an old large candle holder and a matching green platter, stuck the platter on the candle holder...PRESTO! Cake Stand! :)


My Rescue

Behind our house we have the cutest building where our land lady had a few things stored. She came over two weekends ago and cleaned out her stuff that she was keeping and asked Chris if he could haul the rest off to the dump. I went out there today and *Chris* found the sweetest picture...I had to have it...so we brought it inside. It was nasty..dirt, dust and grime...ICK. I took a damp wash cloth and cleaned it up..I figured I couldn't mess it up any more than what it was already. It made a HUGE difference!

Can't tell it here but it was gross

Clean and ready to be placed on the wall!

This painting is MASSIVE...it is almost as tall as I am *thats not saying much* and I'm 5'4" I love it ...I love the colors, the simplicity, I just love IT!  Now where to hang it is the question...I do believe it will be residing in our room! :) 


I have been working on my wedding dress off and on over the week and I have made a HUGE difference in it already. I showed the dress to the original owner(because it was given to me) after I had removed the puffy monstrosity that the 80's-early 90's called sleeves. She could not believe her eyes and now I have done even more to it! I am so excited that I will have my dream wedding dress for the fraction of the cost. Lets just hope it doesn't turn into an atrocious attempt at arts & crafts....*fingers crossed*
Sweetheart Neckline <3
*I need a really good strapless bra*
Remember what it looked like before? Check it:

Long beaded puffy sleeves

My Inspiration <3


Wedding Bells

Since setting the date I have been preoccupied with wedding details. The first time I got married I only gave myself 6 months to plan out the wedding...not this time I'm giving myself 18 months.

I have been toying with idea of taking an old wedding dress and turning it into a modern one for WAY cheaper. Today I was given two dresses...so I have nothing to loose. I started ripping the seams to take off the huge puffy long sleeves. It has already mad a world of a difference. I still have a LOOOONNNNGGGG way to go but I will get there....hey and if it doesn't work I will have just wasted some time...no biggie! :) I will keep you updated! :)

bad before pic

After the sleeve removal 



I am giving myself a challenge after realizing that everything I was wearing today was thrifted. I am not going to buy anything new for a year...(with exceptions like intimate apparel) everything else will be thrifted or from my closet...no new clothing. PERIOD.



So I decided to go with cloth rosettes because of my theme. I started working on them today and I already have three made...they each took about 20 minutes...not too bad.

finished product :) 


The Spoils

Yep there's my haul from my weekend....so let me break it down for you.
2 Shorts
1 pair Old Navy denim capri
1 pair AE jeans
1 Mustard yellow flats
1 Natural Wedges
2 books
2 brooches
3 pairs of earrings
2 cardigans--I have a love affair with them ;)
1 Natural flats
7...yes SEVEN work shirts
and why yes that is a new bed set I bought from Goodwill
TOTAL: $69

That is just my stuff not to mention some things I bought for other people.


It's Official!

Wedding inspiration  :) <3


I have been in love with Dave Matthew's Satellite for years and I always played with the idea of walking down the isle to the instramental...here is a piano version...I think I still prefer the guitar. Suggestions?



Wedding Theme: DIY Shappy Chic

I really do not like real flowers. I know I do not want to waste my money on flowers for our wedding. I will be carrying a brooch bouquet, I had originally thought my bridesmaids will be carrying kusudama flowers made from old novels. However while looking at etsy.com I saw beautiful cloth rosettes and thought I could make bouquets of those. Now I do not know which one I prefer. I need to hurry up and make my mind up so I can get to making them! 

kusudama and other oragami  flowers

cloth rosettes

Either route I choose it will not be expensive, only time consuming. What do you guys think?

$20 Make Over

The bestie and I loaded up the girls and hit the mean streets of Shelby  and went to Goodwill. They were in the process of remodeling and it was CROWDED. I did find some amazing things but I will talk about that in a different post(most of it is in the washer)  I did find a love seat slip cover, new from Target for $20.I have been thinking about slip covering our love seat in the game room and finding this for $20 made my mind up for me.