I think I have created monsters

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So the other day Mom, myself and my little sister were driving to Charlotte. It wasn't a joy ride and it wasn't for fun. We were going to see my aunt and at that time we thought we were going to say our goodbyes. My sister is not one for emotion and says to us "On our way home can we stop at a Goodwill?". Just a few months ago we were dragging her along on our trips she would pout and be miserable the entire time we were there. On one trip I found a tons of clothes that would fit her new body( she lost 20 lbs...so proud) so we bought them up and spent like $100 on her a new wardrobe...I guess since then she wants to go see what goodies she can find. Any ways back to the story...where was I? Oh yeah she wanted to go to Goodwill. Mom and I busted out laughing...even though we were in a somber mood that just made me smile...ah the simple things :). We get there and they were prepping my aunt for surgery. Long story short they did a surgery to save her life. We waited around the hospital for a few hours...I was itching to get out of there I hate just sitting. We tried to talk Mom to take us to Goodwill on Freedom Dr but no dice so we did not get to go then but we have a sister date for this weekend to do some thrifting!

My other little monster would be my wonderful finace'. Chris and his buddy went thrifting today(without me...I was working *pout*)....for old gaming systems. His buddy bought a SNES (for all you non-geeks that would be a Super Nintendo Entertainment System) last night and they wanted more games. So they went to what his buddy calls "The Purple Store" the same thrift store Chris and I got our Ethan Allen wardrobe. For the locals its called Uniquely Diferent(their spelling not mine)...its in Spindale behind BB&T...I love that place.They are now looking to get the following systems: Sega Genesis, Playstation, NES(nintendo entertainment system). Chris said something about a PS2 but I called up my sister to see if she still had mine...she did...and I will pick that up when we pick up the Wii we bought from her. Ah memories...my favorite game would have to be Final Fantasy 13 <3

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  1. bahahahah xD YAY you mentioned me!! :D o-o yeaa... you know you love me xD... <3 olive you seester :)