What to do?! Suggestions please!

The other weekend I bought two skirts from  Goodwill and I have no clue what to wear with them. They are both way too long and too big in the waist but that is ok I am having mama take them up and in. I loved both patterns and I am going to wear them at my natural waist and right above my knee. Both are flowy...I just need opinions on what to wear with them! Comment please :)


this is my favorite! :)


  1. Jess, why not try pairing them with gray and a black heel? Since they're full, I would keep the top more fitted. With the top one, you could do a black top, black tights and shoes. That really makes the pink pop and keeps it a bit seasonally appropriate.

    The second is my favorite! You might want to try pulling it up to your chest like a strapless dress. Then belt it and wear it with skinny jeans and a cute little jacket or sweater. This actually looks REALLY pretty! Can't wait to see you in them!

    By the way, I really get hung up on "what goes with". I have to remind myself to think completely outside the box. Grab some things out of your closet that seem crazy to wear with these and just play around. You'll be surprised at all that you can do with them! ~Serene

  2. Thanks Serene...I get caught up with what goes together too...the top one is actually tan and red! It looks pink because of the background and its a cell pic (i gotta find my camera). The second I was thinking about wearing a white fitted shirt(tucked in) that has rosettes on the collar and some dark brown boots with textured tights...it doesn't look good as a tube because I did think of that! :)