Up to my old tricks

It keeps getting better....

It's a bust.

This weekend, while avoiding the moving mess we went to Gastonia to the 321 flea market. I love flea markets...I love seeing all the junk and the crap. I especially love the search, the search to find that special piece. I love that our things in our house usually have a story behind them. I, however, did not love the 321 flea market. This flea market had almost all NEW items, it was also a bit cold out and they had the ceiling fans going. I was a popsicle when we left. I was so disappointed. But while we were in Gastonia we made the most of it and decided to explore. I had just bought a GPS and we let here do the leading. BIIIIG mistake. She apparently was not the newest model and really needed her map updates. Too bad we didn't know this information before hand. She lead us all through town...to the wrong locations. Luckily I knew where a few things were and L.F. helped us out as well. We hit up a few thrifts and did not find a single thing. I really wasn't in the mood to look either. I was bored while we were there. I don't know what is wrong with me. Maybe I am burnt out? Who knows, but I enjoyed spending wasting the day with Chris. To end a wasted day we stopped by Krispy Kreme, unfortunately the hot light wasn't on.

I will be back later with Music Monday(on Tuesday) and if I feel like it...a fashion post....*gasp*

Til next time XOXO

The only rule for today is do not kill me..

Reader Beware: This blog really isn't about thrifting...just me writing about life. :)

L.F. and I have been internet friends for as long as I can remember. She started dating(and eventually married) a Myspace friend of mine and friended me as well. Recently we started talking more and more...I soon began to realize this chick is a lot like me...which as we all know...I'm pretty fantastic..haha I kid.. So we decided to meet up and go shopping together...she took me to some stores I have never been in such as Ikea(I know I'm lame) and Anthropologie(again I'm lame and sheltered). Chris was not happy I was driving to Gastonia to meet a stranger from the internet. He was worried about my safety(how sweet for him to be concerned). He actually asked me what the heck was I thinking meeting people from the internet..I suppose he forgot I met him thru Myspace as well..LOL.   During our Charlotte shopping spree we also visited Goodwill I ended up getting some things for me and a few for Chris. We shared some giggles, stories and fun. As we get older it becomes harder and harder to find new friends but you can make friends as adults. :)

Other news, I had a job interview the other day. Apparently I impressed him and he is sending me on do another interview. YAY..He did mention social networking while we were talking. I am not sure what rules they have in place for social networking but I may not be able to write my blog if I do get this job. It's a sacrifice I will have to make but hopefully it will not come to that.

Til next time, XOXO!


Feelin' Good

It's Michael Friggin Buble'. End of story. :)

Powerful Stuff

I love this song and so did the marketing people at Subaru. What's not to love? I love his voice, the guitar...pretty much everything about this song. Enjoy! :)


I have been consumed with all things wedding the last week or so I completely forgot to post a finished picture of our yellow dresser. My bad. Also I got slack on Music Mondays, I will be back later with that post as well.
Thar she blows...
Now I need to take down the temporary flower curtains(that belong in my craft room) replace with our pretty black curtains, hang our large mirror and actually decorate the top of the dresser instead random items scattered across it.

I am going to be laying off the thrifting trips for awhile. We are saving up for our wedding so the next posts will probably be related to wedding stuff, house stuff or budget friendly meals...and possibly an outfit or two.

Speaking of wedding stuff and of course thrifting..our latest trip I picked up several things to make cake/cookie/cupcake stands. I am so excited I will be showing those off when I have a day off and it isn't rainy or cold. I do have to spray paint them. I also picked up some random vases I plan to spray paint a glossy white to imitate milk glass. I am also excited that I will be meeting with our photographer, ever since we got engaged I have wanted to work with this local photographer. :)

Til next time XOXOX


Take me down to the little white church..

Errr big brown clubhouse? Either way we booked our venue for our wedding...The Rutherfordton Clubhouse. It isn't huge but it will do and it is gorgeous! Now to book my photographer..will not give that one away just yet. I have to find some cheapy decorations and since we can't use open flame candles those are out...booo hiss..  I just hope every thing will come together, I am most concerned about the food. Food is so expensive and we will be making most of it so I have to have come up with things that will be easy to make or can be in the fridge for a day or two and still be great. Along with the wedding cake I wanna do some other alternatives such as pie and cookies...oh the ideas I have!  But follow along as I do my wedding...the thrifty way :)  'Til next time XOXOX ~Jess


We're a great pear :)

I picked up a ceramic pear today from Big Lots. It was from the Jessica McClintock Home Collection and for $6 not a bad deal. Chris has been sick and really out of it but he found my little pear today and started questioning where and when did I get it (hehe) Some days I wished he wasn't so in tuned to my spending habits.  OH well...at least he pays attention. While I was there  I also picked up four black curtains for $12 ea ...which made cheapo me cringe. I will admit for $12 per panel is not bad but it's not great either. I do however think they will do the trick in our room.

$6 pear

Other news..I put a fourth coat on the dresser...and it keeps sucking the paint up *UGH* but I keep lying reminding myself that it will be totally worth it. Chris actually LIKES the dresser color...surprise surprise...I didn't even have to talk  convince him that it would be totally awesome. I am just ready for it to be done. I am so impatient when it comes to painting stuff...I suppose that is why I love spray paint so much. It goes on it 5 minutes and drys within 5 minutes. You live & you learn ( and then get Luvs--haha).  I will post more photos of the dresser as soon as it decides it will let the paint stay in place. ' Til next time XOXOX ~Jess :)


Music Monday

The other day I started singing this....and my sister said she didn't like this song. I scoffed at the idea that any one could not like this song...maybe it's because I grew up with it...who knows.. Word to ya mother.

Bumble Bee

I am in the process of painting my freebie dresser. I love this dresser because of the squares on the facing of the drawers...I also hate this dresser for the same reason. Painting it sucks. I should have spray painted it but I decided to do it the old fashion way with a brush.


But so far I love how it is already starting to look.  Next I want to spray the hardware...which I actually like...just not the color.  I will probably spray them on Thursday as long as it is sunny and warm.

Lately I have really been trying to get my thoughts together for our wedding..I have a few appointments for the photographer and venue but things are coming together...slowly. I did start working on my brooch bouquet.

But to finish it I need a few more things like a glue gun...but hopefully it will be done soon! Keep checking back for updates.  'Til next time XOXO ~Jess


I'm in love with a thiftstore...

Yes the title should be sung and in the tune of "I'm in love with a stripper" ..... I was singing that today while rummaging through my closet...Chris told me to hush. I suppose the poor boy is tired of hearing me sing. EVERY DAY. The most random things. I have a lost cell phone song. I wont sing it  for you guys but he hears it at least once a day ('cause I "lose" my cell at least once a day). ANY WAYS. Since I am trying to cut back on all the thrifting I have to do something in my free time... can we say PINTEREST? I love me some Pinterest. I waste countless hours at work (SHHHH don't tell my boss...er mom...) trolling the latest pins. Earlier tonight I was on Pinterest and a friend of mine who makes incredible jewelry(There And Back Again Studios ) pinned some interesting ideas...which got me to thinking about zipper bracelets...I was looking up DIY and then I found one for a fork bracelet. It seemed pretty straight forward. Supplies: Cheap fork (CHECK) Pliers (CHECK) Needle Nose Pliers (CHECK) and some good old fashion elbow grease.  With a little bending I made a bracelet...YAY me!  Is it perfect? NOOOO!  Do I like it? Yes. 

I have some more cheapy forks that I had bought for another project to try this out on....maybe one that isn't a statement piece but more of an every day piece...and flatter...lol


Sh*t Girls Say...

...is hilarious...Kendi at Kendi Everyday posted the first episode on her blog a few weeks ago...since then they have made two more episodes. IT. IS. HILARIOUS. No lie. Watch for yourself!

Music Monday

Growing up music was a major part of my life, I took chorus all through middle and high school, I  even lettered(several times). With that being said I would like to introduce you to Music Monday. Every Monday(as long as I remember) I will post a youtube video just for fun. Sometimes it will be up beat others not so much...I am a big sap and tend to be drawn towards ballads...the sadder the better. In no way does any music posted here a reflection of my personal life(such as a broken heart)...just something to let you guys get to know me better. Without further adieu...

Adele, with her power house vocals has got to be one of my favorite artists at the moment.  I chose Rumor Has It because who hasn't been in this type of a relationship? I can total identify with her music and see myself in her shoes when I was younger.


Liebster Award

The sweetest blogger around, Serene from The Elegant Bohemian, gave me the Liebster Award!

Here's the skinny: Liebster means "dearest" in German, and this award is given to bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.  All that's asked is that the recipient do the following:

1.  Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2.  Reveal your 5 blogger picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3.  Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4.  Hope that the people you have sent the award to will forward it to their favorite bloggers.

Nearly all of the bloggers I follow have a bazillion followers so I can not pass this along but here would be my votes if they didn't have more than 200 followers

1.) Serene from The Elegant Bohemian( link above). She is effortlessly chic with a modest flair. Mixing thrifted vintage pieces into her wardrobe and working it!  She is the only blogger listed that I know personally from work but have gotten to know her better through the blog...funny how that works! 

2.) Shey from Modesty is Pretty. Much like Serene she is uses thrift store finds and makes them look chic all while being modest. I have never spoken to her but I love reading her blog and her style.

3.) Vanessa from Big Girl. Small Budget. Tiny Town. She truly is a role model for me. Much like her I do not have the fashion model body but I love how she isn't afraid to wear short skirts while mixing patterns and bold colors. 

4.) Kendi from Kendi Everyday I love her style, it's simple and not over done. I have a mad girl crush on her...but not in the creepy, stalker kinda way.

5.)  Donna from Soul Pretty. She is a New York interior designer who shares her daughter's story about Sickle Cell Anemia. She throws in some very inspirational wardrobe and interior photos along with her own home she has decorated. She also makes fantastic handbags using hardware from her old bags.

So there you have it my favorite five bloggers to read who have tons of followers and rightly so!

There are no fleas at the flea market!

Chris and I went to our local flea market this morning to scope it out, we haven't been since they changed locations. I was relieved to see that there are some open spaces inside to sell my clothing. I don't think I could manage standing outside with the wind and the nasty weather I am sure we will have in the next three months. But while scoping the place out we stopped by and talked to my friend P.Diddy and grabbed a bite to eat....the Bone Yard Grill located in the flea market is really good by the way. We also perused around and my darling, sweet finace' bought me two rings. One I have found out was a 1972 Avon Cameo Ring- I have been wanting a cameo ring for awhile now and the other was a emerald set sterling silver claddaugh ring. I am in love with it. When we first started dating I had a simple claddaugh ring and it broke :(...but I am so glad I found this one and he was willing to buy it for me! :)

We went by Rose's to talk to his manager about the ring because he was in the jewelry business for awhile. Although we didn't get a deal on it (I didn't think we did i just really liked it) we didn't get ripped of either (whew). I also picked up some silver jewelry cleaner to clean this bad boy up...and it looks so much better!

Til next time XOXOX ~Jess