I do....plus more

So I haven't updated it awhile...oops...work has been keeping me busy, most of the time I don't know the date. Anyways....shopping has mainly consisted of buying for the wedding (surprise surprise).

2 brass birds, 2 black clutches,faux pearls, lace napkins, lace tablecloth and my  fisherman

8x11 frame I am going to put an engagement photo in for the ceremony/reception

We all know I am cheap. I LOOOVE these Stella & Dot earrings, but I am not about to pay $30 for ONE pair of earrings. So I went to Cato's(now it will be called the kitty store) and found FOUR pairs of knockoffs. WOOHOO!

That's all for now...til next time XOXO :) 



Went for a stroll downtown and stopped in a local antique store.

Found out where all the milk glass has been hiding.
Ended up only buying this ring which now is known as My Precious.



Since I didn't post a video last week for Music Monday, I have decided to post another today.

 "There's victory in the Lord I say, victory it the Lord."


Whenever, Whereever

When I first saw this video it was in Spanish and I was enchanted with Shakira. As soon as it came out in English I knew I HAD to have this cd and I was not disappointed in Laundry Service. She even made my hardcore metal head brother stop and listen. :)