My Favorite (LOCAL) Hotspots

First I want to get on my soap box so please excuse the following rant. For my local people we all know the economy here sucks. With most people of work and living on a limited income. But yet people still spend tons of money at Wal*Mart(I am not excluded) and go out of town to make large purchases(ie:Cars). When you take money out of our local businesses you are taking money from yourself. Taxes that local merchants pay go to schools, roads and other things in the county. I am not saying go these merchants and spend all of you money because I am ALL about saving hard earned cash. But if we just spent $20 at local merchants instead of going to chains or out of town maybe some new businesses will come in! I am all for the Bricks and Mortars 3/50 program (find out more info here) and instead of going to Shelby to a movie go to the cinema here, it is way better than it was previously and come on people your in the dark...what does it matter what it looks like? LOL the way I like to spend some money and keep it local is to go to various thrift stores or consignment shops here in the county..although I do love some Goodwill, I frequent the local shops more. :)

1.) Uniquely Diferent- Purple/Pink buildling behind BB&T in Spindale.
You can find some great pieces of furniture there, various name brands, cheap DVDs/gaming systems/games and they LAY A WAY. Which is so cool. :)

2.) YokeFellow Ministries- They help support people who cant support themselves.
Some things can be a bit high but I have found some fabulous brooches there and you can always find some unique items.

3. Hospice ReSale- On Oak St...Beside the news paper... :)
I love going there, it is one of my favorite causes and they usually have some great deals on furniture and other knick knacks :). I have a slight obsession with photo frames and they usually carry a wide variety.

4.) Habitat For Humanity- Main St. Forest City
Another great place for furniture and other items such as building supplies. Another great service for our community as well.

5.) Time After Time Consignment- On Thomas St behind Main St in Forest City
She carries name brand clothing and furniture. She also has a selection of jewelry, wedding gowns and formals. She is super friendly.

6.) Twice Upon A Time- Main St Forest City going into Spindale(beside Southern Carpet)
She is a consignment shop that deals with gently used baby items. I of course do not have children but I have three beautiful nieces that I buy for.

7.) Salvation Army- Near the DMV  in Forest City
I find a lot of nifty items in there, it is small though but I usually find some great deals.

8.) J's Salvage- Old Salvation Army Building
I know its not a thrift store but it can help save on groceries! :) Just check the dates. (and it's locally owned)

I also like to go to the flea market on 221...I haven't been in awhile..I need to get my lazy butt up and go! :)


  1. Jess....I had never heard of Uniquely Different. I'm so glad you posted these! My two favorites are Yokefellow and Hospice. I'm fortunate to have such a penchant for vintage...these places always have SOMETHING.

    I agree with you regarding keeping business here. I wish a Target would come to town. I LOATHE Walmart!!! Unfortunately, sometimes its a necessary evil. I'll have to check out some of these places on your list that are new to me! ~Serene

  2. There is also a new thrift store beside Munchie Town called Noah's Ark in Spindale...mostly furniture for now but he said he is going to be getting in clothing dvds and etc..I bought my antique dresser there last week(I use it in my kitchen for storage). I love me some uniquely diferent...I saw several Aeropostale things that would probably fit your daughter...Im not sure if that is her style tho. :) Just like with any thrift store you do have to go thru the junk to get to the good stuff :)