Teeny, Tiny

Our kitchen is small with zero counter space. I really wanted a small island to add extra counter space but knowing that our kitchen is so small, I knew that the island could not be very large. I also had a huge cutting board that I couldn't use because it took up too much space and it was cumbersome to get out. Our cutting board is pretty special to use because his dad made it after his accident that left him legally blind. While cleaning up the house the other day, I had an epiphany moment when I had noticed his grandmother's sewing machine table was the same size as our cutting board. I was off to find a sewing machine table that I could paint and add hooks. I had obtained and planned all of this while I was at home alone, so glad Chris liked my idea.

I am still not finished with this but this is a start. I wiped the cabinet down to clear off any dust and debris. Then I got out a can of paint we had left over from when we painted the walls of our house (our kitchen is teal-- the other rooms are the same gray) and I dry brushed paint on with a thin layer. That is it, it took me maybe 20 minutes and only $10 to get exactly what I wanted! 


Old & Busted

Have you ever been to a thirft store and found a wooden piece but it is worn out, the bones are good but the finish is not? Don't over look it because the finish is scratched...use some Old English and about 5 minutes you can go from old and busted to new hotness.

Chris and I were looking for two bar stools...and I found these at our cleaning shop..and best of all they were FREE...however the seats were scratched and just not up to par. I brought them home(in my Civic Coupe...Chris was proud) spent about 5 minutes and now we have two new bar stools. Luckily I had some light Old English on hand. $0 spent that is my type of deal!