A little something up my sleeve

Remember these two beauties from my last post? They are getting a face lift tomorrow! I am so excited to see how they turn out...now off to find my staple gun...it's in one of the boxes I have yet to unpack.

'Til next time, XOXO



Chris bought me these two vintage lovelies for $3 ea. I will be painting these beauties and reupholstering. I foresee a trip to Mary Jo's soon! Check back for updates.



I got this lovely vintage leather coat this weekend for only $14...I am in love with it.


Reveal....Well Kinda...

I got to spray my new desk chair today. Chris and I picked up this Ikea beauty at Value Village for 8 bucks.  Mine was a hideous maroon/brown color that someone spray painted horribly. My first step to fix it, I sanded it. I hate sanding. It unnerves me, I literally get chill bumps...I can not stand it. But because of the of the runs I had to sand.  After I sanded I wrapped the bottom of the chair with a contractor bag and painters tape.

Then I got to spraying, using thin, even coats to cover the chair. I chose to use Krylon spray paint in Watermelon(Pink).  

In Progress

I love the pink, and I think it will look awesome with my desk in my craft room :)


It's Not Even A Question

I love this song and how it celebrates everyone's uniqueness. But enough about Aerosmith. The real reason behind this blog...yesterday I hinted at a refashion...I didn't get to do it because of the horrible weather but I have given another hint...with the above video. Give up?! It's.....PINK! Here is another clue for ya!

More to come ( as soon as the weather clears up) and I am sooo excited to start this! :) Until next time! 



In The Works

I have a remodel I will be working on tomorrow[if the weather is nice]...so stay tuned! :) But until then...enjoy this video!


Crazy Love

For someone who can't ever shut up, I am lost for words. Words to describe what the last four years have meant to me. Every time I write something it just doesn't do. So I am going to do what I always do when I am at a loss for words....I will use someone else's. Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. 

"And this crazy life, and through these crazy times...it's you, it's you, you make me sing. You're every line, you're every word, you're everything." ~Everything by Michael Buble' 


Somebody That I Used To Know

Hey lookie there I actually posted Music Monday on Monday!  Christopher found this band on ebaumsworld.com. They are fantastic, not only are they playing ONE instrument but they are taking turns singing! LOOOVE it!


Oh Joy!

I never and I mean NEVER find milk glass at local thrift stores. This weekend I found 15(!) milk glass bud vases for only $15! I could not believe it and I thought to my self "these will be perfect for our wedding!". Chris on the other hand asked me what I was going to do with so many...lol.

Speaking of wedding and flowers...Chris' boss and our friend is growing all of our flowers! I knew he gardened anyways and I asked if I could buy some from him when the time came near...he told me not to worry about it that he would just give them to me! OMG Do you know how much pressure that takes off of me? Chris and I have been very fortunate while planning our wedding and I could not be more thankful to those who have volunteered and have given us things. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!  Till next time XOXO