Snow, Entertaintment Centers, Taco Stands and Wii OH MY!

 Saturday Chris and I bought a wii from my sister for $100...w00t! It came with all the accessories and a bunch of games! I did have to go buy another  nunchuk, wheel and a controller for $70  which isn't too bad :). Chris is loving some Mario Kart Wii..I did play with him today and its pretty fun :) but I've been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk...I just need some friends to go visit :).

Sunday night (around 7) Chris and I loaded up the laundry and made our weekly trip to the laundry mat up the road...we think the pipes here are too small for our washer because it spews water every where...the land lady is having it fixed but until then we go to this really nice laundry mat(as nice as you can get) up the road. In the parking lot there is a taco stand. We were starving and we did not want to leave our clothes to go get food so we maned up and went to the taco stand. OMG they are delicious and so simple! We got 4 steak tacos(they gave us 5 tho!...how nice) it came with cilantro, onions, hot sauce and 2 lime quarters. YUMMY. We will be visiting it again! Everything is home made and super cheap.

Later that night we went to mom's to pick up a rug for our dining room and an entertainment center for the game room! :) I am so excited that the house is coming together :) I love having an actual dining room instead of eating at the breakfast table or the couch.
FREE rug :) and dining room table thanks to Mama :)
Don't hate on our old school t.v. it serves its purpose ;)
My mom has given me so much furniture---partly so she can get new stuff haha--I am so thankful that she has helped us out so much...props to you mama :) I love you <3

It started snowing early in the morning on Monday so Chris and I were snowed in together all day yesterday and partly today....I did make it to work today for a few hours and saw my geeky newsie peeps...gotta love them :). While we were snowed in, we had went to Ingles before the snow and he picked up his favorite childhood movie, Short Circuit, I had never seen it so we popped that in. I love movies from the 80's and this one was just as good as my favs(pretty in pink, sixteen candles,breakfast club). It was hilarious! :)

The DC parking lots...I slid a bit coming in.

So that is the finale to our super thrifty weekend...go here to see our other finds from the beginning of the weekend! :)


  1. Jess, your home is really coming together! It looks great.....you have such wonderful taste! Hate that I missed you at Walmart; usually when I'm in there; I'm trying to get in and out. I've enjoyed the snow!!! ~Serene

  2. Thanks Serene! lol I usually have on blinders when I go in there! I usually never see people :)