I gots to get my bargain on!

Chris is at it again! He came home yesterday and  with some awesome news, he got us a dining room set for $50. What? What? Table and ALL 4 chairs! To top it off it is solid wood, annnnnnd will fit in our dining room! CA-RAZZZY. We picked it up today and it fits perfect in our tiny dining room but with all the light wood going on it the room I am in desperate need for a rug...which my fabulous mom is giving. I have to go pick it up later today. Today I picked up the 4 red placemats-brand new for $0.99 each...score!

Chris also grabbed a bookshelf for $10. It has doors on the front with missing glass so we are just going to staple some fabric to the sliding doors and store bathroom stuff in it. Storage is the name of the game. We have to get pretty creative with it around here because this house is REALLY old and it lacks storage.
Without the doors on

I'm beginning to think Chris needs to write this blog instead of me!But I did redeem myself, today I snatched up a gorgeous dresser. I had an idea to use it as a rolling island for the kitchen but decided against that and just took out my microwave stand and use it to hold the microwave and the coffee maker to free up precious counter space. I also bought two skirts and Chris an Aeropostale polo.

ahhh more storage! :)


  1. that dresser looks like it would work great for a flat panel tv stand!

  2. That was another thought but the top was uneven so we nixed that idea

  3. Wow!!! You and Chris are really doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wish I could score some bargains like that. Hugs, Ma

  4. It's all him lately Ma! Which I don't mind...and my mom ended up paying for the dining room set and book case as a late Christmas gift :)