Not to toot my own horn but I found some AMAZING deals today in good ole "Small Town Friendly".  I get an hour for lunch and most days I don't take it but today I decided to stop in one of my favorite thrift stores to see if they had any new brooches (they didn't). I looked around and found a new rack to be set out FULL of clothes...most were my size and it was dress clothes ...name brand dress clothes. OH HEAVEN!  I picked up 2 pairs of slacks, 3 shirts, 3 short sleeve cardis( I love me some cardis) and a dress all for $25...I should just took the whole rack.  Cute, comfy dress clothes are hard for me to find especially in a thrift store I may go back tomorrow and see if they have the rest still there...if not it wasn't meant to be..I should go hunt down this person and have her sell me her clothes! She has fabulous taste! :)

Ann Taylor.....OH MY &Simply Vera by Vera Wang....looooove <3...a dash of Liz Claiborne..heaven....

My $25 haul 

**Side Note: I also found Mama a wooden filing cabinet...shes been looking for a sturdy filing cabinet :) **


Inspiration Overload?

Chris and I set a date tonight! I'm so freakin happy...lol...I have been looking at my favorite wedding blog. I thought I had the color scheme figured out but then I got to looking at peacock feathers. Now I'm thinking about that! *SIGH* I still have a year and half to figure it all out. Maybe I will come up with something! I am still working on my bouquet I need a few more brooches and I should be able to put it together.  I will be sure to take good pics and post step by step instructions! :) 

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Let's Go To The Mall

Robin Sparkles..enough said ;)

Robin Sparkles

Yes I am watching How I Met Your Mother. I love this show.  But back to my actual blog that I sat down to write. I haven't been able to write and shop because I have been busy.We planned a benefit dinner for my aunt and I've been working mah booty off.   I am going to plan a benefit yard sale with all the proceeds going to my aunt of course. If you have anything you want to donate just let me know! :) 

I have been thinking a lot about our wedding and today while walking around in Wal*Mart I really missed my aunt. She has always been the creative free spirit that got me. When I tell mom my ideas she has to see it but I could tell Aunt Tammy and she knew exactly what I was thinking about. Chris and I haven't set a date but I have a basic idea of what I want. Hopefully we will be able to have everything come together within a budget.   Well I think I will be up to my normal thrifting by the weekend....OPERATION: wedding is in FULL swing! 



I haven't been writing blogs lately because I've just been to stressed to even  think clearly and I've been buying retail..hehe...but last weekend I did go to Goodwill with the bestie(makes me think of The Big Bang Theory) and my sister. I picked up a beautiful mint green 3/4 sleeve Merona cardi that was brand new and got Chris an AE polo and that is it. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose...oh well! OHH I did start going back to Aldi's and I am in love all over again...I am going to start doing majority of my grocery shopping there because its CHEAP! :) We all know I am all for saving some money! :) Well that is about it for now. Maybe update some more later! My locals need to enjoy the warmth and sunshine this weekend!


Retail Therapy

I have been cheating on Thrifting with buying retail *gasp* OH THE HORROR! But it's just Cato...I have fallen in love with that store.I will be back to my thrifting adventures shortly ;).