The bestie and I loaded up the kids and hit Sparkle City (Spartanburg SC). Our first stop was Target. I wish we had one here but alas we do not. I adore my new cardigan I got there for $20 and my gray ankle boots. I'm still not sure how I will pair them up but they are super cute. On our way home the girls were asleep so we decided to head to Shelby to Goodwill.

I picked up some pretty great things this weekend but one of my favorites I didn't even find...The bestie saw them and brought them to my attention...BOOOOOOTTTTSSSS :)

I also scored some pumps :) I heart shoes if you haven't noticed. ;)

I also picked up an air mattress and pump for $14.99. I was a little worried that the pump didn't work or the mattress would have a hole, but when Chris blew it up it was perfect.

Monday night was my birthday(I'm 26) and our anniversary, so Chris and I went to Golden Coral in Shelby. After dinner he took me to Goodwill *smile* (he knows me too well). I picked up a L.L.Bean Red Wool Trench. I wore it today to work and I love it.
No Hanger Appeal
I also picked up another skirt that I will turn into a dress.

skirt turned dress
I also picked up a black skirt and a navy stripe Nautica cardigan.

I haven't really been blogging because I have been watching Dexter. I am addicted to it! You may think I am weird to be obsessed with a show about a serial killer but it has a great story line. :)

yummy ;)
I am also digging Adele. I love her voice and her music. She is fantastic! Check out her album 19 and her new album 21 will come out later this month! :) She is also beautiful and plus size, such a role model.

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