There are no fleas at the flea market!

Chris and I went to our local flea market this morning to scope it out, we haven't been since they changed locations. I was relieved to see that there are some open spaces inside to sell my clothing. I don't think I could manage standing outside with the wind and the nasty weather I am sure we will have in the next three months. But while scoping the place out we stopped by and talked to my friend P.Diddy and grabbed a bite to eat....the Bone Yard Grill located in the flea market is really good by the way. We also perused around and my darling, sweet finace' bought me two rings. One I have found out was a 1972 Avon Cameo Ring- I have been wanting a cameo ring for awhile now and the other was a emerald set sterling silver claddaugh ring. I am in love with it. When we first started dating I had a simple claddaugh ring and it broke :(...but I am so glad I found this one and he was willing to buy it for me! :)

We went by Rose's to talk to his manager about the ring because he was in the jewelry business for awhile. Although we didn't get a deal on it (I didn't think we did i just really liked it) we didn't get ripped of either (whew). I also picked up some silver jewelry cleaner to clean this bad boy up...and it looks so much better!

Til next time XOXOX ~Jess


  1. Hi Jess, just caught up on your blogs, haven't been posting much lately! Writers block? Whatever, wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, and what a savvy gal you are!!!! Love, Antique Rose

  2. No writers block here...just no internet...lol our AT&T internet just wouldn't stay connected so we cut it off until we could move into our new house to get cable. Thanks, I try to be savvy because I don't have the money to be buying brand new things