I'm in love with a thiftstore...

Yes the title should be sung and in the tune of "I'm in love with a stripper" ..... I was singing that today while rummaging through my closet...Chris told me to hush. I suppose the poor boy is tired of hearing me sing. EVERY DAY. The most random things. I have a lost cell phone song. I wont sing it  for you guys but he hears it at least once a day ('cause I "lose" my cell at least once a day). ANY WAYS. Since I am trying to cut back on all the thrifting I have to do something in my free time... can we say PINTEREST? I love me some Pinterest. I waste countless hours at work (SHHHH don't tell my boss...er mom...) trolling the latest pins. Earlier tonight I was on Pinterest and a friend of mine who makes incredible jewelry(There And Back Again Studios ) pinned some interesting ideas...which got me to thinking about zipper bracelets...I was looking up DIY and then I found one for a fork bracelet. It seemed pretty straight forward. Supplies: Cheap fork (CHECK) Pliers (CHECK) Needle Nose Pliers (CHECK) and some good old fashion elbow grease.  With a little bending I made a bracelet...YAY me!  Is it perfect? NOOOO!  Do I like it? Yes. 

I have some more cheapy forks that I had bought for another project to try this out on....maybe one that isn't a statement piece but more of an every day piece...and flatter...lol


  1. LOVE the bracelet Jess! I am totally raiding Dave's old spoon and fork stash tomorrow :D I've had several fork piece ideas in my head and just need to DO them!!

  2. I use to make heaps of my own jewelry and now I am just too lazy, boo! Good on you, it looks great.