We're a great pear :)

I picked up a ceramic pear today from Big Lots. It was from the Jessica McClintock Home Collection and for $6 not a bad deal. Chris has been sick and really out of it but he found my little pear today and started questioning where and when did I get it (hehe) Some days I wished he wasn't so in tuned to my spending habits.  OH well...at least he pays attention. While I was there  I also picked up four black curtains for $12 ea ...which made cheapo me cringe. I will admit for $12 per panel is not bad but it's not great either. I do however think they will do the trick in our room.

$6 pear

Other news..I put a fourth coat on the dresser...and it keeps sucking the paint up *UGH* but I keep lying reminding myself that it will be totally worth it. Chris actually LIKES the dresser color...surprise surprise...I didn't even have to talk  convince him that it would be totally awesome. I am just ready for it to be done. I am so impatient when it comes to painting stuff...I suppose that is why I love spray paint so much. It goes on it 5 minutes and drys within 5 minutes. You live & you learn ( and then get Luvs--haha).  I will post more photos of the dresser as soon as it decides it will let the paint stay in place. ' Til next time XOXOX ~Jess :)

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