I have been consumed with all things wedding the last week or so I completely forgot to post a finished picture of our yellow dresser. My bad. Also I got slack on Music Mondays, I will be back later with that post as well.
Thar she blows...
Now I need to take down the temporary flower curtains(that belong in my craft room) replace with our pretty black curtains, hang our large mirror and actually decorate the top of the dresser instead random items scattered across it.

I am going to be laying off the thrifting trips for awhile. We are saving up for our wedding so the next posts will probably be related to wedding stuff, house stuff or budget friendly meals...and possibly an outfit or two.

Speaking of wedding stuff and of course thrifting..our latest trip I picked up several things to make cake/cookie/cupcake stands. I am so excited I will be showing those off when I have a day off and it isn't rainy or cold. I do have to spray paint them. I also picked up some random vases I plan to spray paint a glossy white to imitate milk glass. I am also excited that I will be meeting with our photographer, ever since we got engaged I have wanted to work with this local photographer. :)

Til next time XOXOX

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