The only rule for today is do not kill me..

Reader Beware: This blog really isn't about thrifting...just me writing about life. :)

L.F. and I have been internet friends for as long as I can remember. She started dating(and eventually married) a Myspace friend of mine and friended me as well. Recently we started talking more and more...I soon began to realize this chick is a lot like me...which as we all know...I'm pretty fantastic..haha I kid.. So we decided to meet up and go shopping together...she took me to some stores I have never been in such as Ikea(I know I'm lame) and Anthropologie(again I'm lame and sheltered). Chris was not happy I was driving to Gastonia to meet a stranger from the internet. He was worried about my safety(how sweet for him to be concerned). He actually asked me what the heck was I thinking meeting people from the internet..I suppose he forgot I met him thru Myspace as well..LOL.   During our Charlotte shopping spree we also visited Goodwill I ended up getting some things for me and a few for Chris. We shared some giggles, stories and fun. As we get older it becomes harder and harder to find new friends but you can make friends as adults. :)

Other news, I had a job interview the other day. Apparently I impressed him and he is sending me on do another interview. YAY..He did mention social networking while we were talking. I am not sure what rules they have in place for social networking but I may not be able to write my blog if I do get this job. It's a sacrifice I will have to make but hopefully it will not come to that.

Til next time, XOXO!

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  1. My dashboard is not keeping me up to date... :( How fun you got to meet an internet friend! Dave was the same way with Kate when I told him she was coming to visit.... WTH? Bringing a complete stranger into the house!?!? But I had been talking to her for 4 years by then... yeah, I felt safe... and besides, we were on MY territory ;)
    I hope your job goes well! But I do hope you can keep blogging! I like seeing your finds and makeovers!