It's a bust.

This weekend, while avoiding the moving mess we went to Gastonia to the 321 flea market. I love flea markets...I love seeing all the junk and the crap. I especially love the search, the search to find that special piece. I love that our things in our house usually have a story behind them. I, however, did not love the 321 flea market. This flea market had almost all NEW items, it was also a bit cold out and they had the ceiling fans going. I was a popsicle when we left. I was so disappointed. But while we were in Gastonia we made the most of it and decided to explore. I had just bought a GPS and we let here do the leading. BIIIIG mistake. She apparently was not the newest model and really needed her map updates. Too bad we didn't know this information before hand. She lead us all through town...to the wrong locations. Luckily I knew where a few things were and L.F. helped us out as well. We hit up a few thrifts and did not find a single thing. I really wasn't in the mood to look either. I was bored while we were there. I don't know what is wrong with me. Maybe I am burnt out? Who knows, but I enjoyed spending wasting the day with Chris. To end a wasted day we stopped by Krispy Kreme, unfortunately the hot light wasn't on.

I will be back later with Music Monday(on Tuesday) and if I feel like it...a fashion post....*gasp*

Til next time XOXO

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  1. Ugh. I hate that so many of the 'good' flea markets have gone all commercial, much the way of eBay.. I miss the good old days of buying something GREAT for .25 or 1.00. And oh man!! I have been there done that with the GPS in Gastonia!!! It's like the roads are all mislabeled on the GPS or something!!!
    You'll get your groove back soon, just get over the stress of moving :D