Music Monday

Growing up music was a major part of my life, I took chorus all through middle and high school, I  even lettered(several times). With that being said I would like to introduce you to Music Monday. Every Monday(as long as I remember) I will post a youtube video just for fun. Sometimes it will be up beat others not so much...I am a big sap and tend to be drawn towards ballads...the sadder the better. In no way does any music posted here a reflection of my personal life(such as a broken heart)...just something to let you guys get to know me better. Without further adieu...

Adele, with her power house vocals has got to be one of my favorite artists at the moment.  I chose Rumor Has It because who hasn't been in this type of a relationship? I can total identify with her music and see myself in her shoes when I was younger.

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