I'm Moving On....and other ramblings

Reader Beware: This is a long and pointless blog just to let me brag about our new house....hehe

Yep...I'm moving on to our new house! Woohoo! I really should say we're moving on but with Chris working 60+ hours a week he doesn't have time or the energy to move us so I have stepped up and finished doing the touch ups in the house and actually started our moving process Saturday. Let me tell ya...moving alone sucks! Especially since I was driving his F350.....most of you probably know I'm short(5'4")...so when I have to climb up in to the truck bed...I basically have to jump to get up, which makes it super hard to load the truck up. He told me not to get anything I could know pick up over my head which I wouldn't attempt to any ways, but it even though I could pick up the items it was still super hard to get on the truck. Most of you might not know this but I live at the top of a bad neighborhood. They mainly keep to themselves but it's still not the best situation, so I had to keep my front door open and carry my belongings out to our yard and just prayed no crack head came walking up to steal anything(such as our dvd collection) or walk in on me.  Anyways I got everything on to the truck then hauled my butt up in the bed and rearranged so nothing would fly off as I was driving...I am not the best mover I am positive Chris could have gotten tons more on but I was not taking any chances. I got to the new house and started moving our stuff in...not worried a bit about our things being stolen this time....I adore our new neighborhood!  We(together) will be moving more of our stuff in  the upcoming week and hopefully get to take pictures of the train wreck of a house along the way.

I have been posting mobile photos of before and afters on facebook but my favorite room in the entire house is also the room that was almost a deal breaker...the bathroom. The before picture really does not do the bathroom justice on just how bad it was compared to the rest of the house. The house was built in the 1950's and besides painting and some carpet the house had not been updated...at all. But in all fairness the bathroom wasn't THAT horrible, I have seen far worse in houses much newer than ours. I just really had no clue what I was gonna do with powder blue tile. To our relief Chris' dad, uncles and aunt said they would pay to have it updated...whew...I knew they had good tastes and I was not worried one bit about what they would pick for us...they did one better....they left the choices to us! They did pick out the counter and the vinyl flooring because it was cheap but very good quality...neither of which I had a problem with...I had actually seen the flooring(at habitat) and liked it before it was even bought(great minds think alike I suppose). So with the handy men in place the basically tore out the old fake tile and replace it with new(fake..shh that's our secret) tile around the tub and repaired the drywall in the rest of the room so it could be painted. I am avid follower of Younghouselove.com (seriously they are amazing) and they had posted a photo of a photo a while back that just stuck with me...and I decided to take that image and draw inspiration( I really LOVED the color). I talked to Christopher about painting our tiny(but bigger than our current) bathroom a BOLD color....let me tell you he was not on board with this idea AT ALL. I even showed him the photo...he was still not impressed...I talked and talked and talked some more about this awesome bathroom until he was like OK enough...(we have an agreement if we both do not agree it does not go into our house...actually the same one YHL has but I did not know until later..ha!) He finally agreed to look at paint swatches in the space (one small step for jess.....one giant leap for chris..hehe pun was completely intended..). I stole gathered up a bunch of paint chips from Lowes and we both were really attracted to all three colors on one chip...I had first thought lets do the lighter one....he agreed...but I got to thinking....if we want to go bold....lets go BOLD. So we came to the conclusion just go with the second one...the one we really really loved. Which I am SOOOOO glad we did.

The Inspiration


I plan on making it vintage nautical themed ...since, you know, I love all things ocean and of course vintage. :)...BTW I know the progress photo it was still unfinished but we are finished with this room...the only room that needs to be worked on is the kitchen .

I think I have rambled on enough I will leave you for now..until next time XOXO ~Jess

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  1. I can't wait to see the pictures of the finished work! That bathroom looks AMAZING! Hugs girly! ~Serene