Working on no sleep..

Chris and I moved a few more things into the house last night and actually stayed there. I am so glad we are finally able to enjoy the house instead of laboring in it. We had originally planned to move a little more tonight and then Wednesday move the remainder but mama called to tell me it is suppose to rain alll day Wednesday, so her and The Captain will be helping us tonight to get it ALL.. YAY for help! :) 

I did get a little bit done last night...I have the bathroom kinda cleaned up and I have started to decorate it. It is coming along nicely. I was digging in my linens box and came across a shower curtain I had kinda forgot about haha. I had bought it at Goodwill(shocker) and put it up to go into our bathroom...I think it goes nicely in there and it ties everything together. :) 

I am still going to bring in some vintage nautical prints and other things to bring the room together. The bathroom is really my favorite room in the house. 

Till next time XOXOX ~Jess

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  1. It's looking great Jess! How fun to have them help and get everything moved in FINALLY! :D My bathroom is the favorite room in my house too, lol, it's funny how that works out, isn't it?