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While we are still moving some things in I do have a few projects up my sleeve. A few months ago we bought a "new" dining room table from Habitat for $75 but it had no chairs. I didn't like the windsor chairs that our previous table included so I knew I wasn't going to reuse them. We discussed using different chairs for  an eclectic feel. I was all on board with that until I went out to our building at our former house. Our landlord had cleaned it out and left what she didn't want, Chris was going to haul off the leftover stash but he hadn't had a chance to do so. I found 4 chairs that were probably from the 70's and have a little modern feel..but they are UGGGGGGGGLLLLYYY. The chrome is rusted, the padding is orange vinyl and the seats were cream. I looked at them and thought...HEYYYY these would be cute with our rustic table (of course remodeled). I knew to get Chris on board I would have to show him a visual so off to Pinterest I go!

Our table <3

I found a few ideas, he agreed, we dug one chair out and brought it to our table and I knew it would be perfect.


 I do not have a picture of our actual chairs but I plan on changing the fabric to gray....painting the plastic white and the legs I am changing to Oil Rubbed Bronze(ORB). I will post pics as soon as I start working on the project.

Speaking of pinterest...I have already done several projects from there and I did another when we started decorating the livingroom. I had two midsize bookcases that I had NO clue where to put them, because of their size, they were awkward to place. While perusing on pinterest I saw something I knew I  could easily do. It was a couch encased with bookshelves!  Here is my version :)
bookcases :)  

Stay tuned for more photos!  XOXO~Jess

PSST: The green sailboat painting is down and replaced with our photo collage.
Table Inspiration link here

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