Ritzy B*tch

Yep that's what Chris called me last night.

We invaded Gastonia to go thrifting at Value Village and Goodwill. Chris usually has good luck when we go to Value Village and boy did he have good luck...he ended up getting 4 pairs of work pants, Haggar no less, we can't even find one pair here in his size because he is so tall much less 4. He was in heaven...I totally turned him into my shopping buddy which is fine by me...he's good company and very honest when it comes to my clothing. He even scored a BRAND NEW pair of loafers. NEVER BEEN WORN, STILL IN THE BOX from Johnston and Murphy..I had never heard of them but we liked them and they were $20...when we got out to the truck I looked them up online...they were still selling those shoes...for $189...SCORE one for Chris! But enough about him...back to me being ritzy. I got a Wilson's Leather rabbit fur coat. I have been lusting after fur coats for awhile and this one just spoke to me..it was calling my name...it would have been a shame to just leave it hanging there...so I grabbed it and took it home with me for $30.

I put it on last night and I just felt so great in it...even if it was only rabbit..made me feel like a million bucks.

I am no tennis shoe girl....I always wear boots, heels, flats or flip flops...never tennis shoes but I picked up a very good looking pair of Nike Shocks....Chris and I have decided to start walking in the evenings and on our days off together and I thought these would work for awhile until I am ready to invest in a really good pair. 

Well until next time XOXOX ~Jess <3


  1. Good for you! What a gorgeous coat! Wear it with flair girly! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  2. Thanks Serene...I have decided that this will be my new everyday coat :) *HUGS*

  3. Thrifted a Mink Coat from Goodwill.$85.00. It is fabulous!