How Much Was My Outfit?

I like to play a game with my mom and ask her to guess how much my outfit cost. Some times she is right sometimes she is wrong but it's all in fun.  As we ALL know I love thrifting. Its like an addiction to find the best deals..its a rush...I love being able to walk away knowing I have several hundred dollars worth of clothing and only paid $50. But I do limit myself. I find great stuff all the time and many times I do not buy it. I ask myself "Is this really me or do I just like it because its here and name brand?" "How many times will I actually wear this?" then I rationalize it like Becky Bloomwood in the Shopaholic Series...if you haven't read it...go read it..like now. I'll wait..anyways I do try to stick with my own personal style( I am so glad to have the full use of my closet now that we have moved), I honestly can not go into a store and feel good about paying retail for something for myself because I know I can get the same thing at a thrift store! People donate gently used BRAND name clothing all the time. Yes there is a lot of junk, stained and hoely items but then you find the gems in the junk and it makes everything oh so much better. I have been told from others that when they go to thriftstores they do not find anything. Well some days it is like that. There have been days I go and I don't buy anything, other days I rack up. Just look. Be patient. Stick to your personal style and buy things you truely love. I do not look through every single rack but I look at the racks and look for things I like such as colors and prints. Sometimes they are great sometimes it not so much.

  The outfit I am wearing today just makes me feel like me and I spent $17 on it. Wish I could take a pic to share but I will describe:

Green Madison 3/4  length swing jacket : $2 -Salvation Army(local)
Black bandage tank: $10 (new at walmart)
Old Navy Jeans: $3- Goodwill (Shelby)
Bitten kitten heels: $3- Goodwill (Shelby)
Total: $17

Is it odd that I remember how much I pay for things and where I got them? I didn't think so!

I have been toying around with the idea to open up an ebay boutique for  year and half but I do not think that is where I need to be...I have thought about opening a store up in the local flea market and I will probably follow through with that soon but for now I have a small resale rack at my mom's cleaners and it does well...just have to get the right people to come in. I always thought the woman picked up and dropped off the dry cleaning but not the case, mostly men come in so this is not the best situation but it costs me no money to have them hang here. But the big dream would to have my own resale shop. Not only dealing with apparel  but home accessories and furniture.   Ah I can dream can't I? I guess I have blabbed on enough...til next time XOXO ~Jess

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  1. Jessica, I think it's a GREAT dream! I have had online sales on my mind for a while now and the move was just the perfect time for me to make that happen. I couldn't decide whether to do etsy, eBay or big cartel or some other venue. I finally just decided to stick with eBay since I've done that before really successfully. I think it would be FABULOUS to have a REAL store, but I think even at that I would still list on eBay. Why reach hundreds when you can reach thousands, eh? I bet you could rent a small store front in downtown Forest City for next to nothing! Then you could stock it and display really cool ways to wear things. How cool would that be?!?! Any way, Merry Christmas!! Love you girly! ~Serene