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Our new curtains looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie...which makes me super happy! I just realized a few weeks ago that our kitchen color is actually almost identical of The Maitland's kitchen in Beetlejuice. Anyways...I got the idea for our curtains from pinterest- the most awesome site that ever existed. Seriously. First I tried paint...and failed miserably  so this afternoon I bought fresh curtains, two yards of fabric and heat bond. For under $25 I made some uber fabulous curtains...if I do say so myself. Take a look!

I die. I love them so much....and it makes me love this picture even more that Chris is sitting in front of them. <3
Back to the curtains....I only used two narrow panels because the windows are so gorgeous I do not want to hide them and we live off the road so its not like people will be peeping in here. Have you guys made anything from pinterest? Share!! :) Till next time XOXOXO ~Jess :)

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