Living on Pizza and Beer Budget

The problem with living on a "pizza and beer budget" is...I have "caviar and champagne" tastes. But through thrift I have learned over the years I can have both!  Which makes me smile ear to ear. Over the last few weeks Chris and I have went thrifting (shocker!).  Instead of my normal layout with details over what we bought I thought I would just give you the cliffs notes. I am not familiar with men's really expensive name brands but I know an expensive piece when I see one. Example: Last weekend Chris and I went to Value Village in Gastionia...I love that place! The first thing I spot just happened to be for Chris, which were a black square toe shoe by Gordon Rush. They were BRAND FRIGGIN NEW...not knowing the name brand I know they were a quality shoe. So we bought them because they just happened to be in his size, a size 13(!) . When we got back to the truck I looked the shoes up on my phone and sure enough the brand starts off at $175. WHAT?! Yeah that was so worth the mere $14 we splurged(ha!)
Example I found from google

Another example of the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget: Just Wednesday night we were thrifting at Goodwill and Chris found the most beautiful Banana Republic LEATHER jacket for 8 bucks! And it just happened to be in my size....w00t w00t! :)  We also bought some other odds and ends during this trip for our new house including a bee ($0.99) that reminds me of younghouselove.com, if you do not already follow their blog...it is a MUST read! I love their style and taste. They were actually the inspiration for our new house. :) Speaking of our new house it is almost ready! We went to pick our laminate flooring for our master bedroom, dining room/hall, and my craft room from a local home improvement salvage store...we got 513 sq ft for a $1 sq ft annnnnnnd he even threw in free padding! SCORE! I do recommend Earthwise Building Supply in downtown Rutherfordton to all of my local people. It is amazing! We will def. be making another trip to look a little longer! :) I can not wait to share our house when we get everything set up! :) 

Til next time XOXO ~Jess

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