With The Bad Comes The Good

I just got back to "Small Town Friendly" today from visiting my relatives in Concord. I wish I could say it was for pleasure but alas it was three days filled with stress, sleepless nights, and in my case allergies. My aunt has lung cancer and Friday morning she had surgery to remove her left lung. When she first went under they were just gonna open her up to look at her lymph nodes if they were good they were going to remove her left collapsed lung. Through some miracle her lymph nodes look good and so they went in to remove her lung. We knew it would be a few hours before we would know anything my cousin, mom, mawmaw and I went down the road to Goodwill just get out of the hospital,  we had been there since 6 am(I had been up since 4 am).I ended up getting a purple Merona skirt, an Old Navy green stripe tube top(super comfy), place mats, Gap jeans,a Fang 3/4 sleeve shirt, a pair of Mossimo blue ballet flats and a pair of Good Year sole boat shoes. When were leaving we got the call to come back to the hospital about 2 hours early. We made it back in time to hear the awesome news that Dr. Christie believes he got it all and she wont have to have chemo or radiation but he has to wait for the  biopsy to come back to be sure. BUT he got it all! He removed the lung with no problems! We all were crying with tears of joy. Aunt Tammy has been truly blessed. That night after we left the hospital and got back to the house I was still hyped up and wanted to get out of the house so knowing there were two more Goodwills less than five miles from her house I was all up for going thrifting. The second goodwill Mama found me some old cookie cutters, I got Chris a Carolina zip up hoodless hoodie (lol) and I got a Maurice's brown hooded sweater and an Old Navy pink stripe tee. We couldn't find the other Goodwill because my cell died (navigation) but we found a Salvation Army. There I got a Jessica Simpson tan faux alligator purse and a cream/tan Nine West purse. The next day we stopped at a yard sale and I picked up three old graters for $3! I'm thinking to myself..."SCOOOORE!". While driving home I asked mama and mawmaw if they wanted to stop at Goodwill in Shelby (my fav....not like they had a choice I was driving..hehe). Well there I picked up a giraffe that EVERY ONE is trying to steal, some art work, a Gap khaki skirt, a pair of Xhilaration heels (to die for), and a pair of leopard print flats. I found some pretty amazing deals and ended up spending like $100. So with the bad(Her cancer) comes the good (possible cancer free) and some good deals(my finds!). 

Part of my haul! :)

NOTE: I will be posting some of her craft items she had made, it would be great if we can sell them all to help them be able to  pay bills.


  1. Good stuff, Jess. I am always up to looking in thrifts, etc. Never know what treasure you will find!!! Glad your Aunt is going to be okay!! Love, Ma

  2. Thanks Ma...shes been having her ups and downs but considering what she's been through she's doing great.