Decorating On A Budget

When I moved out on my own, I had no furniture like most young adults. Just like most young adults I was living paycheck to paycheck but I needed furniture. Over the years I have gotten hand-me-downs and bought different items on clearance or at a thrift store.

This is my bedroom at the bestie's place(I live with her but stay with Chris a lot). Here is a break down of what I spent in this room:

Bedding: Goodwill $20(target brand...NEW)
Mattress: Mama and The Captain FREE
Headboard: Goodwill $10(came with a footboard but Chris is too tall)
Bedside Table: Mama FREE(its pier 1!scooooore!)
Lamp Base: Goodwill $0.99  (it needed to be cleaned up)
Lamp Shade: Goodwill $2.99 (target...NEW)
Bookshelf: Wal*Mart $25(not on sale but cheap)
Books: Goodwill Softbacks $0.99ea  Hardbacks $1.30ish ea(probably about $50 in books in the case-Ive read most of them)
Picture Frames: Mighty Dollar $1 ea
Jewelry Box:Goodwill $5(i think)
Dresser:Wal*Mart $70(clearance)
Zebra Rug: Wal*Mart $30( full price but I HAD to have it)

So there you have it...a room done on a budget! :)

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