Thifting to donating

I love to thrift but I love to donate as well. At the moment I am paying for a storage building to store a bunch of stuff I don't need. I have a vacation day coming up so I asked Chris to take off the same day so we can tackle this mess together. At the moment I know I have an old wardrobe (I love and not getting rid of), a love seat, my favorite chair, a few side tables, a dresser (the bestie's) and other miscellaneous items. I know this probably will take more than one day but I would feel better if I get started on it. I will be donating to Hospice, I love the Hospice Resell shop and the proceeds go to a great organization! I love to know my junk(and treasures) will help others! Maybe one of these days I will pull a Marissa, check her out here, and re-create a garment. Stay tuned in to see what comes of this!


  1. I love Marissa's blog and have played around with refashioning stuff......I'm hooked!

  2. BTW, on Wed, Hospice is having a sale, all clothes and shoes are 25cents!