My Favorite Find

One of my FAVORITE Goodwill finds is one of the more expensive items I have thrifted but it is one we use every day. IT"S MY COUCH! I love my couch..its fabulous and only $25!  When Chris and I found this couch we definitely was not looking for a couch...we were in Shelby goofing off and at 8:30pm (goodwill closes at 9) I decide I wanted to look around in Goodwill before we came back to "small town friendly". When I saw it...I believe it was love at first sight...we talked about our options and decided not to by the couch priced at $50. We came back home..and I was still talking/thinking about this cream couch. The next morning Chris and I were talking to his grandma about our Saturday night out and the conversation came back to the couch. We again talked out our options and we decided to go back to Shelby in the truck...just in case. We got back to Goodwill and there it was! OMG it was marked down to $24.99....YOINK! That tag was mine....I took my ticket to the register to pay.  Chris and I had it loaded and we took our new couch home! We get so much use out of this couch...its actually where I am sitting typing this blog :) when you take the back pillows off its the size of a twin bed! Have I mentioned that I love this couch?!

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