Accesories baby...its ALL about accessories!

I love accessories....my favorite find from this weekend was a "bracelet". Its not so much as a bracelet but a napkin ring and it wasn't really me "finding" it....Chris actually saw it and held it up. But my bracelet is awesome...it reminds me of my spoon ring that I have had for 3 years. I love silverware jewelery and would really LOVE to have some more! But my bracelet is monogrammed...its marked with a "B" for baby and me ;). Actually Chris' last name begins with a "B" so how perfect?! When Chris bought my bracelet...I had no clue what it really was....it had some markings so I looked up today and yep its flatware... bestie found this amusing.... oh well at least AF thought it was fantastic that I had re-purposed my silverware. :)

Another fabulous find came from the local Salvation Army for only $0.99! I love my "new" Owls Hat! Go Forest City OWLS! :) In the picture below I am also wearing a Tiffany's inspired toggle heart necklace I scored at Yokefellow for $6.  I probably paid WAAAYY too much but I like anyways. 

Last but not least are my SHOES. I love shoes. What women doesn't?! I found three fabulous pairs this weekend! I got a pair of Nikes for $8...they may have been worn once! A new pair of dress shoes for work for $3 and finally a pair of Converse All Stars...I have been wanting a pair of "chucks" forever and just never could come to spend $40 on a pair. Good thing too because I found these bad boys for $2!


  1. Hi Jess,

    I like your new blog. Love those thrift stores too, you never know what treasure you will find!!! Hugs, Ma