Thrifting Is A Sport.....

....at least it is in my mind. When I go shopping I dress comfy, usually in jeans and flip flops(no matter what season) and I make a day of it. I hit up all of my favorite places here in the county(Shop Local, Buy Local!) and then I go to Shelby to Goodwill. I buy most things from thrift stores including clothing, books, cds, furniture etc...

Over the past few year I have figured out a few simple rules to look through lots of clothes in a short amount of time.
1.) Look for colors and patterns I like
2.) Do I like this material?
3.) Is this my size?
4.) Are there any stains/holes?

When looking at shoes look for the following:
1.) Do they fit?
2.) Will I wear these?
3.)Are they in good shape?

I always have a mental list of things I would like to find  but its not necessary that I buy these things RIGHT NOW.

My list at the moment  includes the following:

1.) An old fashion coat rack

2.) Catch Me If You Can-dvd

3.) Round kitchen table

4.) Brooches!(for my bouquet)

5.) Old silverware(I have a craft project in mind)

And then I come across fabulous items I didn't even know I was looking for, those are some of my favorite finds(like my couch)!

If you aren't a thrift shopper I hope my tips come in handy...I encourage everyone to try it at least once and keep an open mind.

Happy Hunting!

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