My Thrifty Wedding?

About a year and half ago I bought a cute tea length white dress at Goodwill for $4 I had intended to use as a wedding dress.  But looking at different wedding blogs and passing by a local bridal shop I kinda want a glitzy  gown that would probably cost me at least a $1000. *Sigh* Decisions decisions....with my sweet little dress I can  wear lots of jewelry and funky shoes but with the gown I will have to keep the jewelry at a minimum and you probably wont be able to see my shoes.  This reminds me of Sex And The City movie where Carrie wants to wear a suit to get married to Mr. Big but does a photo shoot with Vogue and ends up with a BEAUTIFUL wedding dress from Vivienne Westwood  "And just like that......Vivienne Westwood kicked my sweet little suit's ass." What really attracted me to the dress is it also reminds me of a photo of Marilyn Monroe that I would love to have replicated in a bridal portrait. Oh well I am taking my dress to Concord to show my mom, grandma and aunts to get their opinions. If you have any thoughts please let me know! :)
I want to replicate this photo for my bridals :)


  1. Definitely go for the simple one...you won't regret money you didn't spend. You'll be beautiful in it and it'll be about YOU and not the dress. It's going to be wonderful whatever you decide! ~Serene

  2. What a conundrum! I like the idea of both, so I can see how you're conflicted. But loading up with awesome jewelry and really cute shoes has its appeal. good luck with the decision!