With enough spray paint I could rule the world!

I love love love spray painting stuff. I have always loved taking a blah item adding a bit of paint and WAH LA! its pretty!  Remember my fugly white lamps?
I grabbed my leftover Krylon Oxford Blue paint from my peacocks and started spraying.

getting there

I also went to Wal*Mart and picked up two drum lamp shades to complete the look. Right now I am so in love with blue and green together so I gave our bedroom a mini make over! 

Now just imagine this in our new house with soft gray walls! :) Speaking of our new house, we started paint the other day! 
Craft Room after two coats!

We plan on painting the trim an ultra white, the walls are a soft gray. The crown molding is down at the moment but that too will be repainted and hung. Good thing I had already planned on the trim to be white because we have brand new, pretty, white ceilings! :) 


  1. Jess, these lamps look GREAT!!! I love what you did with your room! GORGEOUS! Paint can hugs to you! ~Serene

  2. love love love!!! That blue is just perfect with rest of the room! You seriously have an eye for decorating :D