Birds Of A Feather

AHHH it's good to be back!   I certainly have not stopped thrifting just haven't had the internet connection! Chris and I turned off our internet at home because of the unreliable service, most days I couldn't even use it.

Enough about that...on to the goodies!

I picked up two UGLY...FUGLY gold peacocks for only $1.99 ea. I loved the shape of the bird but obviously not too crazy about the color. I had originally wanted to paint them a high gloss white but quickly changed my mind and decided to do something a little out of the norm. I luuuurrrvvveee color. So I sprayed them oxford blue! I looooove how they turned out and even got Chris to agree to let me put them in our room when we move!

After (ignore the mess..we're packing!)

One of my FAVORITE finds of late will def have to be my platform BCBG sandals. I picked them up at Goodwill for $3, they retailed for $198! I have only gotten to wear them once but I love how they fit :)

I also have picked up assorted prints for the new house each $5.

1960's Watercolor of Paris

1960's Watercolors of Paris

1970's Norman Rockwell Reproduction-reframed

On one of mini Goodwill adventures which was basically all over South Carolina, we picked up a gorgeous stand up globe for $10!

On the same trip we picked up a SOLID wood KING headboard for ONLY $15! 
Chris makes it look small :)

After eye balling a desk at a local furniture consignment store( Making Ends Meet on Thomas St, FC- for the locals) I finally talked  begged Chris to buy  it for me, its new home will be in my craft room and at only $60 I couldn't ask for a better deal!

On a recent shopping excursion I spent 38 bucks on a gorgeous orange chair, a LARGE coffee table and a green lamp!




We haven't gotten to paint our new house yet but as soon as we do I will be posting before and afters.
With my new job we hope that we can get a lot accomplished together and be able to move in by the first of October.  'Til next time! XOXOXO 

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