My dear, sweet friend Serene at The Elegant Bohemian has suggested I do a fashion blog. Instead of writing a different blog I will post here since most of my clothing comes from thrift stores any ways. I have been thrifting for years, not because I have to but because I LOOOOVE it. I love being able to find something for cheap. Possibly because I am cheap, haha! :)

The other day I was walking around at Walmart when I "dress" caught my eye. Come to find out it is a plus size tunic...that didn't stop me! Since it already had a tie back I got the largest size they had, tried it on for giggles...and it fit perfectly....as a dress!  I have fooled so many people, I just can't wait until fall/winter so I can wear it with a cardi/tights/boots combo.

Here is how I have been wearing it for now, pink tank and black strappy flat sandals(not seen). The "dress" was only $14! Maybe next time I will throw in a cinch belt, but on this day it was a nice breezy dress for a hot day! :) ~ Til next time! XOXOX


  1. Jess, I do love this look on you!!! So glad that you went the fashion route....and I LOVE the shoes in the previous post. You ever get tired of those? I'm all over them!!! Hugs! ~Serene