I love lamp.

Last night me and the bestie loaded up the kiddos to go to Goodwill. While in Goodwill I was looking for more goodies for the new house when I stumbled upon three lamps, two of which are almost identical. The fiance' and  I have been looking for new lamps for our night stands and I thought these would be perfect although I hate the color or lack there of...I looked online to see if I can paint them...which I can so I will be posting pictures of the makeover soon! :)

all three lamps- even if you cant see the black one


  1. ok.. what Goodwill do you frequent?? And I love the shape of the black one!! Very cool! Can't wait to see the finished product!! :D

  2. These are FABULOUS lamps! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with them! BTW, who is Horse n Garden and do I know her? So cool to see local people on the blogs!!! LOVE that! Lamp light hugs to you! ~Serene