Mid Century Modern

I am on a Mid Century Modern kick lately. Chris' dad gave us a green chair a few months back. Then the next piece I bought was a dresser that we are using as a media cabinet for our tv.

ignore all the crap in the foreground ;)

When I got the dresser, the night stand was thrown in for $5 more...heck why not? It is currently sitting in my living room with a lamp and a key basket. I also was given a mirror that went with the dresser...I love it...it is HUGE and HEAVY...trying to find a use for it now.

My third piece I have bought is a beautiful ottoman. It opens up and has storage inside! For only $7 it was a score! :-D

I can't wait to decorate with this piece and mount our tv so I can decorate the dresser top!  :-D Until next time ( and hopefully not two months) XOXO!

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