So I know I said a few months ago I wouldn't buy any "new" clothing but Chris' grandmother died and I was in a pinch so I bought a new dress. I call it an investment, it helps me sleep at night. I figure I can wear it to funerals and weddings which are about the same thing...right? HAHA..I amuse myself. I really wish I would have gotten a great picture of Chris and I dressed up but I didn't. I broke down and went to Belk...scoured the sales rack and came across the beautiful dress...it was originally $127...hahaha they are outta their mind..it was marked half price...THEN an ADDITIONAL 50% off...so thats right I got the dress for a whopping $32!  Score one for me!

This is where I would post a photo but Blogger is being updated. Its a retro cut, sleeveless, white with large black flowers and the most precious sash. Will post photos later! :)


  1. Jess, you are so funny, love reading your blogs!!! Dress sounds wonderful, and getting it at that price is priceless!!!!!! Antique Rose, alias ma

  2. Haha thanks Ma! I posted a pic on Facespace ;)