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Our Flag :) 

Man, it's been awhile since I've blogged.  I haven't stopped thrifting by no means just haven't had a moment to get my thoughts in order to actually write a blog.  We have been super busy trying to get our porch and yard looking good. :) Chris scored a ton(literally) of mulch for....$5, yup $5 for all of it. We put it around our trees and in our flower beds.

My favorite tree

our birdbath
Speaking of bird baths...I saw one I fell in love with at Lowes. You might call me crazy but I am in love! <3 It's bright to say the least hehe :) Chris of course vetoed it so I had to leave it :( .

I did however talk him into letting me paint our rusty plant stand blue...score one for me! I picked up a can of spray paint today and got to work.

Blue Ocean Breeze

I love it! It brightens up our little porch :), not too bad for $4!

My sweet mama bought us a patio set, although we do not have an actual patio we do have a nice flat area in our backyard. The first night we had it, it came the large storm that knocked over trees all over the county and left people without power. I knew something was going to fall over on top of it or it would blow away but it came away unscathed.

just need an umbrella :) 
and just for giggles...me and my cousin went thrifting for her new place and I stumbled upon the most EPIC painting ever...

Michael Jackson?
...It of course is not of Michael Jackson and was probably painted before his operations.

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  1. Ok.. LOVE the bird bath... and that painting is AWESOME!!! Why don't I ever find stuff like that!?!?!