Not to toot my own horn but I found some AMAZING deals today in good ole "Small Town Friendly".  I get an hour for lunch and most days I don't take it but today I decided to stop in one of my favorite thrift stores to see if they had any new brooches (they didn't). I looked around and found a new rack to be set out FULL of clothes...most were my size and it was dress clothes ...name brand dress clothes. OH HEAVEN!  I picked up 2 pairs of slacks, 3 shirts, 3 short sleeve cardis( I love me some cardis) and a dress all for $25...I should just took the whole rack.  Cute, comfy dress clothes are hard for me to find especially in a thrift store I may go back tomorrow and see if they have the rest still there...if not it wasn't meant to be..I should go hunt down this person and have her sell me her clothes! She has fabulous taste! :)

Ann Taylor.....OH MY &Simply Vera by Vera Wang....looooove <3...a dash of Liz Claiborne..heaven....

My $25 haul 

**Side Note: I also found Mama a wooden filing cabinet...shes been looking for a sturdy filing cabinet :) **


  1. Jessica! That is sooooo cool! I'm trying to think of which is your favorite thrift store in Small Town friendly.....Salvation Army? They have good stuff! You did great girly! ~Serene

  2. Amazing! I swear I am going to start following you around so you can teach me!